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John David Pereira is a California based attorney located in Cameron Park offering advocacy and solutions to clients, including individuals, partners, local business owners and corporate members. I represent clients in litigation concerning all types of legal agreements. I also provide advice to clients who contemplate entering into legal agreements in an attempt to protect their legal interests before disputes arise.

With a long professional history in business and in law, I know that disputes and setbacks can have a severe impact on productivity. Many disputes can result in significant business losses or dissolution. If you are facing an internal dispute, you could lose personal rights or investments. As your attorney, I will take the time to understand your individual and business concerns and work out a lasting solution to protect your personal interests, assets, and long-term profits.

My practice includes:

  • Business litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Commercial/residential lease disputes
  • Business entity disputes

I work to help clients resolve disputes through ethical, professional and efficient representation. I partner with clients to effectively protect their rights and long-term interests. I believe that lawyers should serve a consultative role, listening to the needs of their clients and working toward dispute resolution.

You can trust that I will employ skill and knowledge to negotiate a fair and lasting settlement. However, in the event that I cannot resolve your case out of court, I am prepared to take any case to trial on behalf of my clients.

John David Pereira
Law Office of John David Pereira
3161 Cameron Park Drive, Suite 210
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(530) 672-9577--tel
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